Agios Stefanos in North Corfu: The Ultimate Coastal Escape

Nestled on Corfu’s serene northwest coast, Agios Stefanos is a tranquil haven, offering the perfect beach escape in North Corfu. It’s a hidden paradise that promises relaxation and beautiful coastlines. Read along to find out why it is one of the best coastal beaches in the island.

The Allure of Agios Stefanos: A North Corfu Oasis

Agios Stefanos is a serene getaway. Imagine pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, golden sand, and a peaceful ambiance that sets it apart from busier tourist destinations in North Corfu. It’s a place where you can truly unwind. Agios Stefanos boasts a variety of beaches. The main beach offers water sports and vibrant activity, while the coves to the north provide a more secluded and intimate experience. You can choose the atmosphere that suits you best.

Accommodation and Dining in Agios Stefanos

The accommodation options in Agios Stefanos cater to various preferences. Whether it’s a charming boutique hotel or a private villa, you’ll find comfortable places to stay. When it comes to dining, local tavernas serve up delicious Greek cuisine. Savor fresh seafood and classic Greek dishes. Don’t forget to ask for the Corfiot “sofrito” or a “bianco”.

Nearby Attractions and Day Trips

Venture beyond Agios Stefanos to explore the nearby village of Avliotes and the captivating Sunset Beach. These destinations are just a short drive away. If you’re in the mood for more action, nearby Acharavi and Sidari offer further options for exploration.

Sunset Serenity and Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Agios Stefanos is renowned for its enchanting sunsets. Find a quiet spot on the beach or in a local beachfront bar to witness this magical moment. For adventure seekers, explore hidden coves and hiking trails, immersing yourself in the region’s natural beauty.

Practical Tips for Your Agios Stefanos Getaway in North Corfu

Before heading to Agios Stefanos in North Corfu, make sure to check the local transportation options. Whether it’s renting a car or using local taxis or a green bus, plan your travels accordingly. Pack light and smart to make the most of your tranquil retreat.


In conclusion, Agios Stefanos in North Corfu is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful beach escape. With pristine beaches, comfortable accommodation, and nearby attractions, it offers everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. So, when you’re looking for tranquility and beautiful coastlines, consider Agios Stefanos on Corfu’s northwest coast in North Corfu.