North Corfu Travel Guide: All the Basics You Need to Know.

St Stefanos – Sinies

This North Corfu travel guide will provide every detail. All the basics on reaching North Corfu and essential information to know before your visit!

Picture this: azure waves, a sun setting over emerald landscapes, and whispers of ancient history in the air. Welcome North Corfu, a destination transcending the ordinary.

For those seeking a perfect balance between excitement and relaxation, North Corfu is a mesmerizing canvas of nature’s most exquisite strokes of paint. This area, blessed with immaculate beaches, charming villages, and a rich historical background, invites you to immerse yourself in its enduring splendor.

How to Reach North Corfu

North Corfu is located in Greece’s Ionian Islands. You can fly directly to Corfu International Airport (CFU) from major cities, or if you’re coming from another part of Greece, you can make a stopover in Athens or Thessaloniki your route to this enchanted location. Research your alternatives for flights with websites like Skyscanner.

Boeing 737 Landing in Corfu Intl Airport (CFU)

North Corfu is conveniently accessible by car after you arrive in Corfu. For easy transit, the airport offers rental vehicles, taxis, and buses. The trip offers gorgeous vistas of the Ionian Sea and beautiful surroundings.

Car Rentals and Public Transportation

Renting a car gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want, in North Corfu. Easily traverse small villages, get to remote beaches, and meander over picturesque landscapes. Alternatively, there are options for public transportation for those who are on a budget or would rather interact with others.

Buses and taxis link important locations throughout the island and offer reliable transport. For the most flexibility during your trip to North Corfu, think about combining them.

Where to Stay in North Corfu

Options Ranging from Affordable to Luxurious: North Corfu offers a variety of lodging choices, from affordable to luxurious, to suit all preferences and price ranges. Budget-friendly accommodations like hostels and guesthouses offer a comfortable haven for travelers, while boutique hotels and resorts appeal to those looking for a little grandeur. You can choose to enjoy the opulent luxuries of 5-star resorts or the charm of family-run inns. Every visitor to North Corfu is guaranteed to find a house away from home that fits their needs and budget.

With a few insider tips, booking your lodging can be a breeze. Think about the location first and foremost. Whether it’s a village setting or a beach hideaway, being close to your favorite attractions is important. The most sought after villages are the below. (Check out each one individually by clicking on the village name.)

Next, make use of internet resources that frequently provide special offers and savings to make sure you receive the most out of your stay. Watch for seasonal specials and make your reservations far in advance, particularly during periods of high travel demand.

For customized deals or unique arrangements, don’t be afraid to get in touch with accommodations directly; occasionally, a direct conversation results in the greatest experiences.

Must See Points of Interest

Stunning Beaches

Sidari’s Canal D’amour

Showcasing the Best Beaches: North Corfu has a plethora of beaches that equal the artwork of the Old Masters. Every beach, ranging from the golden stretches of Paleokastritsa to the blue waves of Agios Georgios, narrates a tale of peace and unspoiled beauty. Savor the sun at Canal d’Amour in Sidari or discover peace and quiet at Glyko Beach.

North Corfu’s beaches have something to offer everyone, whether you’re a sun worshipper or an enthusiastic adventurer. You can swim in Roda’s refreshing waters or walk along Agios Spyridon’s sandy beach; the options are as varied as the Ionian Sea’s colors.

Cultural Gems

Explore the well-preserved ruins of the Roman Baths at Acharavi, which still hold remnants of the past. Wander about the fascinating Old Peritheia, a town surrounded in old world beauty. Visit the ancient walls of Angelokastro for sweeping views and stories of Byzantine history that resound. Discover the Byzantine-era Kassiopi fortification, a steadfast reminder of North Corfu’s past.


Hiking Trails and Nature Reserves

Put on your hiking boots and set out on a hike through North Corfu’s picturesque trails and nature reserves if you’re looking to get in touch with the island’s natural beauties. Trek along the famous Corfu Trail’s beautiful environment in which and hikers are encouraged to climb Mount Pantokrator’s summit for a stunning view of the surrounding area. Hiking paths in North Corfu promise a communication with the wild character of the island and are a gateway to serenity.

Must-Try North Corfu Specialties

Let your taste buds dance to the distinctive rhythm of North Corfu’s specialties and venture beyond the bounds of typical Greek food. Begin your gastronomic adventure with Bourdeto, a fiery stew of fish that entices the senses with its powerful taste.

Try Sofrito, which is thinly sliced beef cooked in a delicious white wine and garlic sauce. Also Pastitsada, a pasta dish that reflects the culinary legacy of the island and is imbued with the flavor of slow-cooked veal or rooster.

Remember to finish your dinner with a slice of Mandolato, a typical dessert that resembles nougat and is prepared with almonds and honey. With every mouthful, the unique qualities of North Corfu’s culinary expertise are revealed. Also don’t forget the koum kouat liqueur.

Exploring the Countryside and More

Take a relaxing horseback ride through St. Spyridon’s beautiful grasslands, or go for an exciting 4×4 adventure to find treasures buried away from the usual track.

St Spyridon Beach

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Syki Bay, close to Kassiopi, for a fascinating underwater adventure where you’ll see colorful fish and hidden caverns.

Alternatively, Take a boat trip to the Diapontia Islands, where you may explore the marvels of swimming, snorkeling, and quiet beach enjoyment. Also there are some companies that offer luxurious all day yachting to Albania.

Practical Tips

Travel Insurance

The 2023 wildfires in the north of Corfu were quite difficult to handle for both travelers and locals. For some people that almost had their businesses and homes almost burnt down it was a life changing experience.

To protect your trip, make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance before setting off on your North Corfu vacation. Travel insurance offers comfort since it covers unanticipated events like medical emergencies and trip cancellations.

Considering the variety of activities North Corfu has to offer—such as hiking, sea sports, and exploration—it is strongly advised to have insurance that covers adventure activities. Verify coverage for any pre-existing conditions and the particular activities you want to engage in by consulting the policy terms.

It’s an investment in your health and peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on creating memories rather than worrying about unforeseen difficulties. Always keep in mind that having travel insurance is preferable to needing it and not having it.

Extra Advice for North Corfu

Payment Options

Although most hotels and restaurants in North Corfu accept credit cards, it’s a good idea to bring some cash (in euros) as well. Smaller restaurants and reservations made on the spot, such port boat cruises, might require cash. The ease of using credit cards when booking excursions online lets you put money aside for quaint, family-run tavernas that serve delicious food at reasonable costs.


Throughout North Corfu, there are several easily accessible ATMs. Choose the local currency (Euros) while taking out cash instead than settling for the sometimes-unfavorable conversion rate offered by the ATM. When using an ATM in Greece, be cautious of this popular scam and choose Euros to guarantee a fair conversion rate.

Best Times to Visit

To fully enjoy all of North Corfu’s beauty and enjoyable activities, timing is everything when planning a trip there. The island has moderate winters and pleasant summers due to its Mediterranean climate.

Early autumn (September to October) and late spring (May to June) are the ideal seasons to explore North Corfu. The island is less congested during these times than it can be during the busiest summer months, and the weather is nice. The Ionian landscape’s vivid hues are further enhanced by the full bloom of nature and the sea, which is invitingly warm for swimming.

But if you’re a sun worshipper and like vibrant environments, July and August are the best months to visit because they provide an abundance of bright days that are ideal for outdoor activities and beachgoers.

Bataria Beach in Kassiopi

Duration of Stay

Exploring the wonders of North Corfu requires a minimum of 3 days to appreciate its highlights, but a week is more ideal for a comprehensive experience.

North Corfu Itinerary:

Consider this 4-day itinerary for North Corfu, assuming you’ve rented a car:

Day 1: Explore the beauty of Angelokastro and take in the panoramic views. Visit the charming village of Palaiokastritsa and its Monastery. Relax at the nearby beaches, such as Glyko, and enjoy dinner at a local taverna.

Day 2: Head to Kassiopi and discover the Byzantine fortress. Explore the picturesque village of Old Perithia, frozen in time. Enjoy snorkeling in Syki Bay and unwind on the beaches around Kassiopi, and enjoy dinner in Apraos overlooking Albania in the horizon.

Day 3: Visit the famous Canal d’Amour in Sidari and experience the unique rock formations. Explore the village and relax on Canal d’Amour Beach. Enjoy dinner at a seaside taverna in Sidari.

Day 4: Start your day at Agios Georgios, a serene beach known for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Then, head to the breathtaking double beach at Porto Timoni. enjoy the hike until the beach, then head all the way to St. Stefanos or Kalami bay for a luxurious dinner to end in a “posh-ish” note.

This sample itinerary is designed to inspire your journey through the enchanting landscapes of North Corfu. Of course You’ll be needing more than a week to further explore the south, but that is another story!

Is North Corfu Worth It?

Of course! Captivating scenery, delicious cuisine, and friendly service can all be found in North Corfu. Imagine yourself taking a boat ride to discover sea caves or enjoying a sunset supper while gazing out over the cliffs. The island’s attraction is increased by famous locations like Angelokastro and the Byzantine stronghold at Kassiopi.

Even with possible summer crowds, North Corfu remains a classic Greek island. It promises an unforgettable experience with easy access from everywhere and ongoing infrastructure improvements.

If you’re still on the fence, read through our in-depth pieces to learn about the hidden treasures and one-of-a-kind experiences that North Corfu has to offer.

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