Unveiling the Secrets of Old Peritheia: A Journey through Time and Mystery

Hidden away in the beautiful surroundings of North Corfu, Old Peritheia is a fascinating fusion of charm and history. Its crumbling facades and cobblestone streets conjure the echo of long-forgotten stories.

What is Old Perithia, and where is it located?

Called “Palia Perithia” in Greek, this mysterious treasure trove begs to be discovered. Old Peritheia can be easily accessed by car; it is located around 15km from Acharavi or 8km from Kassiopi. Read this short, 6-minute post about the mystery of Old Peritheia, a popular destination 650m in altitude in the center of North Corfu.

old perithia in north corfu

When was Old Perithia established, and what makes it unique?

The Enigmatic Origins

Old Peritheia’s origins date back to the 14th century, and its history is shrouded in intrigue. It was once a thriving mountain village, with its roots stretching deep into the Byzantine era. Walking through its narrow pathways, you’ll pass by houses with stone walls that could tell tales of generations who called this place home. The village’s layout, hidden high in the mountains, served as a fortress against pirate raids during the Middle Ages.

Additionally, the diseases that mosquitoes around the coast often carried also contributed to the migration to the mountainside. This historical treasure provides insight into the tenacity and coping mechanisms of its original occupants.

Abandoned Enigma: Why did people start leaving Old Perithia?

Despite its rich history, Old Peritheia stands abandoned, its streets echoing with ghostly whispers of times past. This enigma has left many wondering why the village was left behind and its inhabitants sought new horizons.

As the Mediterranean saw a decline in piracy during the late 1800s, people from Old Perithia started to return to the coast. But with the advent of tourism in the middle of the 20th century, there was a massive migration. Only a few elderly inhabitants of Old Perithia remained to take care of the homes and cattle due to the draw of beach living and economic opportunities.

Some say it was due to a combination of economic hardship, depopulation, and better opportunities in coastal towns. Others whisper that the village’s charm wasn’t enough to keep its residents from seeking modern comforts elsewhere.

Mysteries Beneath the Surface

Did you know that Beneath the picturesque appearance of Old Peritheia in North Corfu, there is a secret network of tunnels and subterranean rooms? Only a few people are aware of These hidden passageways. They were carved into the rock, used to be vital defenses, giving the inhabitants a safe haven during times of unrest.

While some of the tunnels’ riddles have been solved, there is still much room for speculation regarding their complete scope and intended use. Come along as we explore the fascinating past of Old Peritheia and uncover the mysteries of its underground realm.

Architectural Riddles

The village’s architecture itself holds many mysteries. You’ll find structures with intricate stone carvings and hidden symbols, hinting at ancient beliefs and practices. The labyrinthine layout of Old Peritheia raises questions about its design and defensive strategies. One can’t help but wonder what secrets these stones hold.

Things to Do in Old Peritheia

A Quick Glance at the Local Church

The village church, a symbol of architectural magnificence and historical value, occupies the skyline of Old Peritheia. The smallest elements of its design become apparent as you get closer, displaying a mix of historical influences. Enter to find echoes of bygone eras, including worn-out wooden benches and faded paintwork. The village church acts as a silent guardian, protecting the villagers’ tales and the development of this age-old community.

Hiking the Surrounding Hills

If you’re looking for an alternative viewpoint, put on your hiking boots and explore the hills surrounding Old Peritheia. Hiking the paths offers a visual feast of rolling hills, olive groves, and far-off horizons that make for spectacular panoramic views of the Corfu countryside. As you climb higher, the settlement below becomes a tiny paradise, tucked away in the arms of the natural world.

Old peritheia in north Corfu, this is the view from the hill sides of the village

The hike offers an experience through landscapes that have seen the passage of time in addition to physical exertion. You have the chance to add your own tale to the intricate fabric of this enduring village with every step you take.

Exploring Local Markets

In the center of Old Peritheia, where authenticity and history collide, are a plethora of locally produced goods. The often handcrafted goods are distinctive trinkets that beckon. These charming shops that line the cobblestone alleys and are nestled into corners serve as more than simply marketplaces; they are windows into Corfu’s character.

Wandering through the marketplaces will reveal a creative universe created by talented craftspeople. Your attention is drawn to the handmade crafts, each of which tells a tale of passion and tradition. Everything from hand-carved trinkets to finely woven linens is evidence of the rich artistic culture of Old Peritheia. These works of art, created by regional artisans, provide physical links to the village’s rich cultural past.

Old Peritheia’s Tavernas

The tavernas of Old Peritheia are more than just places to eat; they are living histories, with stories from the village’s past resonating at every table. The atmosphere is unmatched, taking you back to a time when each meal is a celebration of customs and history.

The menu in the tavernas of Old Peritheia is a tour through Corfu’s culinary history. Each meal is a masterwork of regional cuisine, from the well-known Sofrito—thinly sliced beef cooked in a flavorful garlic sauce—to Pastitsada, a hearty meat stew with aromatic spices. The best olive oils, locally grown produce, and freshly caught fish combine to create a delicious symphony that is unique to Corfiot cuisine.

Tips for a hassle free trip: Navigating the Winding Roads

You must be ready for the special difficulties that come with arriving at this remote sanctuary as you set out on the quest to uncover the mysteries of Old Peritheia. Part of the allure of Old Peritheia, which is hidden away in the center of North Corfu, is its isolation, which makes the trip there an experience in and of itself.

The Remote Beauty: The Importance of a Car

The charm of Old Peritheia is found in its remote setting, encircled by undulating hills and lush surroundings. It is not only convenient, but absolutely necessary to have a car in order to fully experience the village’s authenticity and discover its secret corners. The village’s ageless appeal is evoked by the immersive experience of the winding roads leading to Old Peritheia, which provide views of the Corfu countryside.

Select the Correct Car: Go for a vehicle that is appropriate for the terrain. The roads to Old Peritheia are passable, however for a more pleasant ride, a car with decent suspension and a high clearance is suggested. rental companies usually don’t insure the underside of the car, meaning that a mistake can be costly.

Plan Ahead: Make a trip plan and become familiar with the twisting roads before you go. A GPS navigator can be a useful ally, keeping you on course and preventing you from missing any interesting side trips.

Travel During Daylight: Considering the rural location, it is best to travel during the day. This improves the view while also guaranteeing improved vision on the twisting routes.

Preserving the Past

In recent years, efforts have been made to preserve Old Peritheia and uncover its hidden stories. Some of the buildings have been restored, and visitors can now explore this time capsule of history.

The village, although quiet and abandoned, has become a place for tourists to appreciate its unique charm and to eat in the tavernas. Old Peritheia stands as a testament to

Corfu’s rich history, but it also remains a place of intrigue and secrecy. The whispers of the past still linger in its cobbled streets and hidden chambers. As you walk through this enigmatic village, you can’t help but be drawn into the stories and mysteries that have been etched into its very stones.

Old Peritheia is a treasure waiting to be uncovered, a journey through time and mystery that continues to captivate those who dare to explore its secrets.


As we come to the end of our investigation, I encourage you, reader, to set out on your own personal trip in Old Peritheia. Curious minds looking to make a link with the past are invited to this timeless settlement, which is decorated with hidden gems and genuine charm.

Every turn tells a tale, and every step offers a chance to leave a lasting impression. Old Peritheia offers a unique experience, whether one is lured to the village’s cobblestone lanes, its local markets, or its expansive hills. The village’s embrace is wide open and secrets lie ahead.

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